Financial slavery

by Alex Silkin

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The monetary system was invented many years ago and now it is obsolete. It is time to turn it into a more developed and sophisticated mechanism that reflects relationships between people in the society. There would not be slavery and one person would not serve to another through lending and other money manipulations.
Everyone should be able to realize the creative potential that he was born with. An endless pursuit for money should not be the routine of a lifetime.
A financial slavery – that is what this instrumental solo album is about.
Alex Silkin - composition, performance of all guitar parts, arrangement, recording, producing.
Egor Nikitin - mixing, mastering (
Ivan Konakov, Igor Polyansky - album cover

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1) Intro (Сollapse of the monetary system)
Reflections on the injustice of the monetary system.
Hypothetically, its collapse and complete failure in the future is undeniable.
2) Враг повержен!
This tune was written under impression of the events in Ukraine. It begins with a sample of a raging crowd at the Maidan square.
The composition tells a story of a victory over all the secrecy and provocation.

3) Breatharian
A theory of food evolution: vegetarian, then vegan, then maybe fruitarians, then those who feed exclusively on juices, and finally to those who need only the solar and cosmic energy. Such people are called Breatharians. This phenomenon has not been currently studied by science.

4) Prelude and Fugue es-moll
'Prelude and Fugue' is written according to all canons of classical music with a literally mathematical precision. They require to respect a lot of unbreakable rules and laws. Not all composers these days are able to adhere to them due to their complexity.

5) Song For My Friend (in memory of Artem Suchkov)
This song is dedicated to my friend Artem Suchkov. He died in a car crash on the 16th of June, 2013.

6) The Fourth Planet
A subtle hint about Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun.
Reflections about space exploration.

7) In a Glass Boat With the Enemy
In a glass boat with an enemy in the middle of an ocean, and any wrong movement will lead to a death of both. The track symbolises a relationship of people whose welfare depends on the ability to compromise to each other.

8) Tritone
The musical interval tritone was prohibited in the Middle Ages and was regarded as diabolical because of its dissonance. This interval is the basis of the composition.

9) Homeless

10) Fresh Stream


released January 1, 2015



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Alex Silkin Saint Petersburg, Russia

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